Are therapists political beings??

As we are faced with ever increasing challenges of discordance, disharmony, destruction, and death, where do psychotherapists sit. Working with couples who may be exercised by the current wars we are all facing, watching, and reading about, perhaps personally impacted, distressed, or traumatized– how do we manage our own processes? There is much written and … [Read more…]

Helping PRT students with the splits!

As I begin step back from my 8 years of taking PRT trainees through the London Diploma, I reflect on familiar issues that emerge with students year on year. One such issue is a student split that surfaces early on both within the group and within the trainees themselves. This is the separation between those … [Read more…]

Cost and Product?

I had occasion to drive to the Midlands recently and noticed that fuel was 30p more per litre than non-motorway petrol stations. The same product, vastly different price. How could this be? It led me to considering recognised and approved PRT trainings. Many of which are around the same price, but are they the same … [Read more…]

Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy is Psychotherapy!

Whilst we all understand PRT is an area of specialism which requires dedicated and high quality training it is, at its core psychotherapy. How do the clients understand this and how do practitioners position it? When seen as a specialist area of psychotherapy, assessment goes beyond the specific information gatheringof their sexual history, organic and … [Read more…]

Vocation or Business???

What does it mean to train as a psychosexual and relationship psychotherapist? The Oxford English dictionary as the definition of vocation (from the latinvocare meaning to call), is defined as a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation…especially regarded as worthy and requiring dedication, but also includes a trade or profession. A profession on the … [Read more…]

Cultural Diversity?

Diversity, often at the forefront of our thinking, as it needs to be. However, I have some concern that it is at times a narrow lens through which some look. A recognition and understanding of cultural diversityis essential to work well with relationships/couples and individuals and I suggest we need to broaden how we see … [Read more…]

Game of Woes?

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” C G Jung from Modern Man In Search Of A Soul, 1933 Here we have a fairly prominent TV presenter who owns his avid dislike for a woman in the public eye. If you believe … [Read more…]