December 2018


The London Diploma has been running successfully for 11 years in its current format and previously, under a different name, since 1990. Our graduates may be found as sole practitioners in private practice both in the UK and worldwide or as leaders in their own field of expertise, in health authorities and statutory and voluntary organisations. Graduates are members of COSRT, BACP, NCP and/or are on the Accredited Register (Prof Standards Board); many also have UKCP registration or are aligned to HPC or their BPS chartered status.

We are proud to attract students both in the UK as well as having many students in Europe or further afield, such as UAE, India, Russia and parts of Africa. Our graduates specialise in a variety of fields – these include addictions, forensic issues, disability and trans-cultural issues. Here are some testimonials:

Marietta Vafea - Distinction Graduate 2017:

Photo of graduate Marietta Vafea

This course is unique. It strikes just the right balance between the range and depth of the material covered and so it equipped us from the first year to work proficiently with a wide range of psychosexual and relationship presentations. In its long-standing tradition, it has also formed close working relationships with high calibre placement providers that open their doors to LDPRT applicants. A further added bonus for me was that it rendered personal development inevitable, while having in place a variety of structures necessary to support it. It really has been quite an experience and I could not have asked for more.

Joanna Benfield:

Since completing the London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy a few years ago, I have built up a private psychosexual therapy practice in London, covering a wide range of sexual issues from sex addiction to male and female sexual dysfunctions.

I am now the editor of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy's (BACP) Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal. I very much enjoy the mix of writing, editing and seeing clients, and am very grateful for all the opportunities that have opened up to me as a result of undertaking the London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy. I was also able to use the academic credits gained through the London Diploma towards an MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and am now going on to undertake a PhD in the same field.

Miranda Christophers:

The London Diploma has provided me with a solid grounding of knowledge though thought provoking lectures, resources, and access to good placements in both the NHS and private sector. The course is well organised with a unique structure, facilitating an accumulation of skills and knowledge to confidently work with clients in a placement during the second year. The course truly enables an all-round practical learning and developmental experience. The course afforded me opportunities for career development and personal growth in this field which are both exciting and stimulating.

Rosalind Simpson - Distinction Graduate 2016:

I was delighted to be able to undertake this interesting and long-established course which consolidated and extended my previous learning. An added bonus was the worldwide network and resource of my student group who came from a wide variety of professions with diverse experiences in the caring professions. These included medics, nurses, clinical psychologists, and psychotherapists.

Silva Neves:

The LDPRT equipped me to work both in the NHS setting as well as privately. During my training, I was able to work at one of the best and largest NHS clinics in the country and in a private specialist addiction clinic. I am French and can offer therapy in either French or English.

Since qualifying in 2014, I have continued working in the private clinic as a clinical associate, and I further developed my private practice. As a specialist in psychosexual and relationship therapy, it didn't take me long to fill my practice and continue to thrive. I work in Central London as well as Berkshire.

    Within my practice I now primarily work in three main areas:
  • Heterosexual and gay couples and individuals with sexual and relationship problems.
  • Adult Survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
  • Sex addiction.

I love my work and I feel grateful for the teaching of the LDPRT faculty.

Cassandra Jay:

Since completing the LDPRT in 2013 I have founded and directed my own Psychotherapy centre. The centre has steadily grown since being established and I am now able to offer LDPRT graduates and students a placement. We offer psychosexual and relationship therapy, in addition to general, family and adolescent counselling. The centre has recently set up a charitable foundation to raise awareness in schools and colleges around psychosexual and relational health.

I developed my work with couples to include working with sexual addiction and sex offenders. The LDPRT helped me to develop a very comprehensive took-kit in this diverse area of therapy and in addition to using this knowledge in client work I also now regularly give presentations at training courses and seminars in sexual and relational health.

Sarah Berry:

Since completing the London Diploma in 2013 I have been fortunate and have been able to develop a thriving private practice, mainly in North London and also offer online services both in the UK and overseas.

I have developed my expertise to work with fetish, BDSM, open relationships, gender and sexuality issues. I have also advanced my knowledge to work with vaginismus and dyspareunia. I feel very honoured to do this work and feel grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a professional team/faculty.