May 2022

Welcome to the London Diploma in Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy

The London Diploma provides an internationally recognised, first class, nationally accredited training course, drawing on the contributions of a culturally diverse student group. We are underpinned by an integrative model, reflecting ongoing developments and research in contemporary lifestyles, sexuality and relationships.

This two-year, vocational, part time, modular training programme is approved by and leads to accreditation with the College of Sexual & Relationship Therapists, Middlesex University, the NCP and NCS, and provides a potential pathway into the Accredited Register. Graduates may apply for accreditation with COSRT, NCP, BACP or NCS after successful completion and when they have fulfilled the additional requirements of these professional bodies.

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    Acknowledging our multi-faceted society, the course supports professional practice based on knowledge, integrity, respect & the life affirming nature of sexuality in all its forms.

  • The Class of 2020

    Above: the 2022 intake of this two-year, vocational, part time, modular training programme, approved by the College of Sexual & Relationship Therapists.

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    Our over 900 graduates include students from Israel, Lebanon, the Caribbean, Malta, India, Pakistan, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Iran, Egypt, Gibraltar, China, Brazil, Mexico, the Channel Islands, Croatia, Kenya, Germany & Ireland.

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    Offering you dedicated specialist training which comprehensively attends to organic and non organic psychosexual presentations in both individuals and couples.

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    The LDPRT represents comprehensive psychosexual & relationship training which has been described as ‘World class’ & as ‘the gold standard’ in the field. A great many graduates now maintain thriving practices.

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    A widely accredited long-established course which Middlesex University has awarded 120 credits (Level 7) which may, via APEL, be weighted at other universities for on-going studies.

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    Different perspectives to couples therapy are taught, addressing the dilemma between conflict and intimacy.

Course Now Full


Due to the volume of applications we are now accepting only reserve list applications for January 2023.
We are still accepting applications for the Zoom version of the course which starts in June 2023, with admission interviews on June 3rd 2022.
Our next face to face intake is in January 2024, for which we start accepting applications in early 2023.
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Accreditation & Masters' APEL

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The course is accredited by several leading professional bodies: COSRT; Middlesex University: NCP; NCS; and the EAC.
Masters Degrees: awarded 120 credits at Level 7 by Middlesex University, weighting via the Accreditation of Prior Educational Learning (APEL) process offers flexibility in your choice of where to take a Masters Degree, should you wish to do so.
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Alumni & Testimonials

Photographs of LDPRT Alumni

To date, over 900 students have graduated, a large proportion of whom maintain thriving practices, both in the UK & overseas. Most graduates are accredited members of COSRT &/or BACP & some have UKCP registration. Many have gained positions within COSRT & the other accrediting bodies. Several have been kind enough to share their stories...

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LDPRT's Developing Curriculum in 2022

LDPRT continues to be the gold standard of the profession, having pioneered since its earliest incarnation in 1990 support for a wide range of expressions of human sexuality. We continue to challenge a one size fits all approach to working with relationships, and welcome all student population groups - worldwide - into our programme. Our faculty couldn't be more diverse and are only matched by our student body representing to date 40 different cultural identities.

In 2022 we are, in addition to our annual research days for current and past students, adding two further days to our timetable bringing the total number of teaching days to 38+ days. These two days are given over to the particular contributions and challenges "trans" and non-binary gender identity may offer, as well as alternative models for sex and relationships. We will critically examine heteronormativity, hetero, bi and homosexualities and kink. We will also continue to bring GSRD and cultural inclusivity into our curriculum in general.

LDPRT Online Worldwide Training - from 2023

LDPRT intends to run a zoom only worldwide training which will be a replica of the London based course for those who are unable to attend in the UK or who prefer or require this platform. The commencement of this course will be mid-June 2023 (see course dates) and follows the same modular pattern as the existing course. Study days/class room time does not include Friday or Saturday.
Applications may be submitted from February 2023.
Please contact either Judi Keshet-Orr or Bernd Leygraf should you have any questions.


In his Humans Being podcast, Rabbi Joseph Dweck speaks to thinkers, innovators and creators from across society about the meaning and value of what they do. In the edition released June 24th 2021, psychotherapist Judi Keshet-Orr joins him to discuss the difference between mental health and mental illness, how our relationship to sex affects our lives, and how transgenerational issues can impact us in the present day.

'In The Footsteps of the Fathers'

Book cover image

Co-authored by Course Director Judi Keshet-Orr

In the Footsteps of the Fathers: Psychosexual therapy with the Orthodox Jewish community - an overview from the therapist's chair...

"Judi Keshet-Orr is a renowned teacher and trainer of psychosexual therapy and has probably trained more psychosexual therapists from the U.K. and worldwide than anybody else in Britain. This book is for all therapists....... I found it a fascinating read.."

  - Margaret Ramage Fellow UKCP and COSRT

"....a book written with sensitivity....a long overdue book....we hope this book will become a textbook to which every psychosexual therapist will have easy access"

  - Rabbi Joel and Ruthie Portnoy Israel

"It is a truth increasingly (if not universally) acknowledged, that therapists need to take account of the historical, cultural, religious and contemporary worlds of their clients. Judi Keshet-Orr draws on her academic research and vast experience as a therapist and trainer to provide clear descriptions of Orthodox beliefs and practices. Especially illuminating are the sections on Orthodox law, including teachings on sex, morals and ethics."

  - Reviewed in Therapy Today 2019 by Roz D’Ombraine Hewitt, psychosexual therapist

"This is a sensitive, compassionate, and perceptively written book by two experienced psychosexual therapists and trainers, Judi Keshet Orr and Sarah Collings…………its clear language and accessibility mean it would be of relevance to anyone who has an interest in the field of sexuality and relationships."

  - COSRT Newsletter June 2020