February 2018

The LDPRT has been awarded 120 credits at Level 7 by Middlesex University.
You may, as part of an APEL process, have these weighted at the university of your choice for on-going studies.

The precise number of credits may vary from university to university and is determined by the exact programme of study you are applying for. Any graduate of LDPRT may approach any university with their diploma/credits.

Specifically at Middlesex University:

  • 80 of these 120 credits will be calculated to progress to the Masters programme
    (Work Based Learning & Interprofessional Learning, School of Health and Education)
  • The remaining 100 credits will be gained through the Middx. system:
    • 10 credits for a programme planning module
    • 30 credits for a compulsory research methods module
    • 60 credits for your final dissertation.

The course is also accredited by the following professional organisations