So… What’s next?

It wasn’t that long ago that an Italian and a Greek met on a psychosexual training course (LDPRT). A couple of years, and a lot of hard work later, they reached the end of that course and scratched their heads wondering “what’s next?” As with all endings, a space opens up for a new beginning. … [Read more…]

Waiting for the Weekend

The party scene in the LGBTQ+ world is constantly in flux and much has changed since the disco days of the 80s and 90s and the club scene of the new millennium. The advent of smartphones and their apps have, for the majority, become the platform for meeting new friends, forming new relationships and having … [Read more…]

The Stories We Live By

Sometime life just does not make sense. There are moments, despite our best intentions, that we find ourselves reflecting on our self and our relationships and trying to work out how we arrived at this point yet again. Such moments can often be inflected with loss, pain and confusion. We tell ourselves we know better, … [Read more…]

Two Views On Working Online

Bernd Leygraf and Jean Miller Directorate LDPRT I remember the earlier days of Corona when trainees and supervisees (alongside the author!) pronounced that, basically, therapy was coming to an end. Forever! We were all adamant that working on zoom from one’s own home was severely compromising confidentiality, and not being able to feel, touch, smell … [Read more…]

Nothing to be scared of..

When I mention to friends and fellow therapists that many of my clients practice BDSM, typical responses range from “Wow, you must hear some stories!” to “I just couldn’t relate to people who get off on pain and abuse.” The truth is, most people don’t really understand BDSM – an acronym derived from Bondage and … [Read more…]

No Man is an Island.

As I sit in shock of this unparalleled time in modern history, it is important I remember that we have never been and never will be complete masters of our circumstances. I have to remind myself that it is natural to want to resist the changes that are culminating on what seems like a daily … [Read more…]

Sex and childbirth — Obstetric Fistula

The UNFPA-led global campaign works to prevent obstetric fistula a devastating and socially isolating injury of childbirth, to treat women who live with the condition and help those who have been treated to return to their community. This campaign is active in over 50 countries working not only to prevent fistula, but also to give … [Read more…]

Shame Brings Us Together

As I reflect on my career so far, one of the things that stand out is the diversity of cultures I have worked with. I grew up in Lebanon, studied and trained in London, practiced in Beirut and in Dubai, then moved to New York City, and am now in Orange County, California. During these … [Read more…]