April 2020

Joanne Collins has been working in the field of Social Care for 17 years. She began her work in the field working with women who were experiencing pregnancy crisis and went on to undertake therapeutic training. She has gained extensive therapeutic experience in a variety of settings e.g. 3rd sector, statutory sector, NHS, and since 2013 she has been in private practice.

Photo of lecturer Joanne Collins

Currently based in Streatham and Central London, Joanne has an MSc in Systemic and Family Therapy and an M.A in Transpersonal Child Adolescent & Family Therapy, alongside this she holds and MSc in Rehabilitative Counselling & Healthcare, she completed a course Brief Psychoanalytic Work with Young Black People at Tavistock & Portman Clinic and is also a qualified teacher.

Joanne is 2014 graduate of London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy. The main goal was to work explicitly with sex and sexual dysfunction in all genders. Since completing this course Joanne has gone on to develop her practice to include working with LGBT sex and relationship problems and to explore ideas of intersectionality and how this impact on sex, sexual relationship and experiences of different sexual groups. This continues to be an area of interest for her.